Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese Pizza

After trying to eat healthy I went the opposite direction and made this beast of a sandwich: Bacon, grilled cheese, and pizza all combined into one meal.

I layed out some bacon slightly stacked.


Then added a slice of toasted bread, mozzerelle, white cheddar, and pepperoni.


Then I added a bunch of feta, because why not?


Last, I added another slice of white cheddar and another slice of toasted bread. Then wrapped the bacon around the sandwich and threw it on a skillet.


I had to use tongs to hold it on the edges so that the bacon would cook on all ends. I left it on the skillet until the bacon was brown. I probably could’ve left it on longer because the bacon wasn’t very crispy.


All in all, it was pretty good but the bread gets pretty soggy. It is a lot of bacon and cheese so you really have to be up to the task to finish it. I definitely didn’t finish the whole thing, so I’m glad I didn’t do a double layer of bacon.