Minnie Mouse Banner

My sister recently had a baby girl, and me and my other sister are planning a Minnie Mouse themed baby shower for her. I found a cute Minnie Mouse Banner on Pinterest and decided to make my own. I had found some cute banners at Hobby Lobby and I was just going to cut out black circles and slap them on there but I decided to go completely D-I-Y and make them from scratch.

I bought 2 large poster boards with gold polka dots for $2.99 each (Hobby Lobby), about 10 sheets of black metallic craft paper (8X10) for $0.49 each (Hobby Lobby), about 100 Pink bows with white polka dots for $3.99 (Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon), and a Martha Stewart Circle Cutter for $16.99 (Hobby Lobby plus a 40% off coupon).


The picture shows Elmer’s super glue but I wouldn’t suggest it for paper because it made the paper wrinkle. I ended up just using tape. I did use the glue for the bows and it was alright but takes forever to dry.


First I measured off the paper into triangles. I tried using as much paper as possible the measurements I came up with was:


I did 7-1/4 IN (Very specific I know) probably could have gone a little bigger to even everything out because the 3rd row was almost an inch longer. Then to start the first triangle I marked the top of the triangle at 3-5/8 IN. I ended up having extra at the end of my rows which could have been resolved with bigger triangles.


Next I used the circle cutter to cut my circles (duh). I don’t have a cutting mat (yet) so I just used the cardboard that it came in as protection for my table. One suggestion I would make: if you use this particular cutter, place tape on your paper (in the middle of where your circle will be) to hold the paper in place because otherwise you’ll be throwing things and yelling because the paper keeps moving, also don’t push down really hard because it will cut into the cardboard and be ten times harder to cut. I cut the biggest circles at 3IN and the smaller circles at 2IN

Snapchat-7789861701958777753 (1)Next I glued taped the circles onto my triangles and generously glued the pink bows on to the top. Then I remembered that I didn’t own a hole punch and had to go buy one from Walmart for a whopping $0.59 where I also purchased my pink polka dot ribbon (I forgot for how much) to link the banner together with.


Tada! Here’s my finished project. I made about 4 banners for just under $20 (not including the circle cutter) now I just have to figure out what to do with the other 85 pink bows!