Week 24!

I kept forgetting to post. Sorry for the delay!
Baby is the size of a cantaloupe. I finally started gaining weight now that I can eat meat and eat in general. Baby has been moving non stop! Cody was able to feel him a few times but most of the time he stops kicking once a hand goes on my belly.
Not a whole lot going on otherwise. ?

Week 18! And a couple days…

Baby is the size of an artichoke!
Posting a little late because I wanted to wait until our appointment so I would have more pictures ?

Baby is very healthy and growing right on track! Lots of movement! The poor tech was having a hard time getting pictures ?
Mama on the other hand could be better. Still having trouble gaining weight and my blood pressure is dangerously low (88/54), the computer wouldn’t even let the nurse enter the numbers because it didn’t think the calculations were correct for a live person. She said this was likely the cause of my dizzy spells and I need to bulk up on water and salt. Anyone who knows me knows that bulking up on salt won’t be an issue now that I have permission ?
I’ve been doing better with meat so hopefully I’ll be able to start gaining weight. Ground beef has been my go to. We finally got a new menu at work too so now I’ve actually been eating at work since there’s a little more variety.
Lately I’ve been feeling baby move around and last night I felt 3 very distinct kicks. Cody still hasn’t been able to feel anything but its still early. Baby is mostly active at 4am when I’m going to bed otherwise I don’t really feel a lot going on. Baby was pretty active right after the ultrasound, probably trying to get comfortable again after being pushed around ? we were able to get some 3D pictures which was pretty exciting except baby had its fist in it’s face the whole time.

Look at the tiny little feet!

Week 16!

I can’t believe it’s been four months! I feel like the second trimester is just going to fly by. Baby is the size of an avocado now!
I started cleaning up the baby room. It was kind of our junk room where we just threw things we didn’t want to deal with lol. I’ve thrown away probably 3 bags of trash so far. Once I get it cleaned up we’re gonna paint it because it’s an ugly brown with yellow spots showing through because the previous owner didn’t paint very well. I’m gonna do gray to keep it gender neutral and keep the house somewhat neutral since we have a lot of bright colored rooms already.
Ruth, my mom, and I went to Reruns R Fun (like a big yard sale) on Monday and bought some stuff for the baby. I found a cute little pregnancy journal that is giraffe themed for $4 and it was brand new!
Tonight after work, Cody and I went to the grocery store and bought a ton of fruit, spinach, and kale. I put together a few bags of mixed up fruit and veggies together and put them in the freezer for smoothies. I also bought chia seeds to put in the smoothies because it has a pretty good source of protein. I’m still having my aversion to meat, except ground beef and sometimes grilled chicken, so I’m trying to get as many sources of protein as possible. Also, added in iron to try and help with my dizzy spells. Both my sisters said they had slight anemia during their pregnancies so they suggested iron (and more protein of course). Luckily my manager hasn’t scheduled me anymore mornings so I shouldn’t really have any issues with the dizzy spells.
I have felt baby moving a few times but its been pretty quiet the last week. I told one of my coworkers I had felt the baby move and she asked if she could feel it and I just laughed. I explained to her it wasn’t something she could feel from the outside since baby was the size of an orange still.
My belly finally seems like it’s gaining a bump. The last couple of months it seemed like I’d only have a belly when I ate bread so any time someone said “oh you’re finally getting a bump!” I’d respond, “nope just a big lunch/bread… it’ll be gone in a few hours”. Now it sticks out regardless, which I’d never thought I’d be happy about that ๐Ÿ˜›

P.S. I added my first ultrasound to my first post.

Week 14!

Baby is the size of a peach. I haven’t really noticed much of a bump yet โ˜น

I went to the doctor on Friday and mentioned my aversion to meat and she said it was totally normal as long as I am eating nuts and dairy. Luckily milk and peanut butter are two things I can eat every day without getting sick of it.
We didn’t get an ultrasound but we did get to hear baby’s heart on the Doppler and it’s nice and strong!

Nausea is pretty much gone except when I’m in the car, but now I’ve been getting dizzy spells especially in the morning. I’ve been drinking more Gatorade which seems to help with the dizziness.

Cody and I decided to be healthy and start going to the chiropractor. We both suffer from back pain so I finally made the call when I saw an ad on facebook for Mouw chiropractic. We got our first adjustments today so we’re feeling a little sore. Our Doctor got a kick out of the fact that Cody and I are out of line on opposite sides (his left leg is short and my right leg is short, and our pelvises are rotated opposite directions of each other) he said “well you know opposites attract”. I was really happy to hear that the chiropractor can help labor go quickly as well.

I’m pregnant! Week 12

About 2 months ago I found out I was pregnant! Cody and I had just gotten back from our cruise to Mexico and I was starting to have some symptoms. I started eating allllllll the time, I was ready for bed at about 9pm (normally Cody and I stay up until 2am), and I was constantly peeing. So I ordered some pregnancy test from Target and once they came in the mail I took one. As I was waiting for the results I wasn’t really expecting it to be positive because I’ve been tricked by fake symptoms before. Sure enough I look over and it says pregnant!
My plan was to not tell Cody until Christmas but I just couldn’t hold it in so I ended up telling him about two weeks before (video coming soon). We told our immediate family on Christmas.

So far I haven’t been too sick. I haven’t thrown up but I do get nausea from time to time. I’ve been struggling with getting my protein because I’ve had an aversion to all meat. This last week I was finally able to eat some meat but not very much at one time. I’ve been craving sweet stuff and all kinds of bread, and lots of pickles. Pickles are the one thing I can eat at work. The cooks have become accustomed to my frequent order of a side of pickles.

This week our baby is the size of a plum which is what I’m holding in the picture. Since its winter we had to buy the canned ones for the picture. I dared Cody to eat one ๐Ÿ™‚ if you have me on facebook I uploaded a video of it.

Green Chile Beef Enchiladas

This weekend I made the best enchiladas! Cody and I were grocery shopping Thursday and I was trying to decide what I wanted for dinner. Many ideas were circling my mind and finally I decided to try and combine two recipes to make the ultimate enchiladas! I wanted to make a combination of this pinwheel appetizer my grandma always makes and green chili enchiladas. Below is the recipe I ended up putting together.

1 (8oz) Softened cream cheese
1 can (4oz) Green chiles
1 can (4oz) Chopped black olives
1IB Ground Beef
1 Can (10 oz) Green Chile enchilada sauce
1 Can (14.5 oz) Chopped tomatoes with roasted garlic and onion
1 packet Fajita seasoning
1 Package (8oz) Shredded Mexican blend cheese
1 Package (8) Fajita tortillas

Mix together softened cream cheese, green chiles, and chopped black olives. Set aside.
Brown the ground beef. After draining the grease, add about 3TBSP of the green chile sauce, the chopped tomatoes, and fajita seasoning. Mix well.
Spread cream cheese mixture on tortillas, add a heap of shredded cheese, add a spoonful of the meat mixture, then roll and place in greased pan. Once all the enchiladas are rolled, add the remaining green chile sauce on top and the rest of the shredded cheese. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes or until cheese bubbles.


Enchiladas fresh out of the oven.


Mmmmmm… cheese. And a dallop of sour cream just the way enchiladas should be served.

I’m pretty proud of how these turned out. I was iffy about the tomatoes because I’m not a big tomato fan to begin with but they were pretty good.

New Home!

Cody and I bought a house! In May our apartment lease was up and we didn’t have the best experience so we didn’t want to renew our contract and we didn’t really want to keep renting. We decided to take the plunge and get a house! Cody’s sister, Melinda, referred us to a banker and a few realtors. We ended up contacting Melinda Jensen and Jeff Fox from Heartland Properties and I’m so glad we did! Melinda and Jeff were very helpful, kind, upfront, and they took us seriously the whole way through.
It all started on April 25th (Monday). We went into the bank and got approved for a loan and received our price range. The next day we contacted Melinda and Jeff. Thursday Jeff took us to a few houses but none of them really tripped our trigger. Jeff was really good about pointing out things that could turn into big problems and gave us the big picture. That night we compiled a list of more houses to look at the next day. Friday morning we started again. We had three houses to look at. Cody liked the first house but I thought it was a little small. It didn’t have a dining room or a basement. Cody didn’t think we needed all that extra space but I didn’t want to be cramped like we were in the apartment. The next house we visited was beautiful! Every room was painted, it had three bedrooms, a basement, a dining room, laundry was on the first floor, and the kitchen was lime green with black cupboards. I loved it! I was pretty much sold on it but we decided to give the third house a try. I think Jeff got the vibe that it couldn’t even measure up to the second house so he suggested we go back to the second. Cody and I talked about it and we told Jeff we wanted to make an offer. I think we took him by surprise moving so quickly but there was really no reason to draw out the process especially since our lease was almost up.
We went back to the office and signed some papers. We were set to move in on Memorial weekend but the owner had some repairs that needed to be made so it was extended out to June 10th.
On June 10th we signed the remaining papers and went straight to our new house to begin preparing it. And to top everything off, Cody proposed to me the same weekend in our new house!

New Homeowners!
Snapchat-4105764113557890823 [9360]

Entry and Living room
Snapchat-5288220467758334606 [9366]

Dining room with window seat (my favorite part!)
Snapchat-7315868055198912429 [9365]

Our lime green kitchen with black cabinets
Snapchat-8606391717135657997 [9364]

Snapchat-1290771217316840091 [9359]

Master Bedroom
Snapchat-8830895167346490663 [9361]

Second bedroom. Currently our guest bedroom/craft room/office.
Snapchat-1252314686531480078 [9363]

Third bedroom. Currently my wedding storage room but we plan on turning it into a game room.
Snapchat-5966764613298014826 [9362]

Floating Candles

Halloween just passed but I wanted to share my DIY dรฉcor from our party! I tackled the task of making my own “floating candles”.

I started off with a bunch of empty toilet paper and paper towel tubes. I found some extra cardboard laying around and used it for the candle support. I tore up little strips of thin cardboard and glued them inside of the tubes.


Once I was done with that I started gluing the outside of the tubes in a way to make it look like dripping wax.


Once the glue dried I painted the tube and dripping glue white. I had to go over it a few times because the paint didn’t want to stick to the glue. After the glue dried I was able to pop all the lights into the tubes which were a nice snug fit.


My last step was to attach fishing line for hanging. I did four holes on the tubes for extra support since the LED candles caused the tube to be top heavy. When I was finished adding the fishing line I started hanging my lights. Unfortunately my ceilings are finished with plaster so I wasn’t able to stick push pins in to the ceiling. I ended up just hanging them on my ceiling fan lol.


Once the lights were off it looked great! The LED’s were very bright so they added just enough light for everyone to navigate the room.

Minnie Mouse Ears

I wanted to get Minnie Mouse ears for my sisters bridal shower. I couldn’t find many in store so I decided to make my own!


I started with a black foam sheet, a silver marker, glue, tape, scissors, a headband, and ribbon.


I used a metallic silver sharpie to trace circles (using a plastic cup as the form) onto the black foam sheet so I could see the lines. I made two circles about an inch apart and connected them with two curved lines, then cut out the entire shape.


After I cut out two shapes I wrapped them around the headband, glued the two circles together, and then taped the circles together for stability. I ended up also sewing the bottom part of the circles, closest to the headband, so that the circles would sit straight up.


Next I tied a big bow together and then sewed that onto the headband.


Here’s a picture with my nieces wearing the headbands!

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower

Part two of the Minnie Mouse creations. My sister’s baby shower was in April so I’m really behind. I wanted to post all of our great decorations though because a lot of D-I-Y happened for this event.

The most time consuming and most frustrating decoration of course was the Minnie Mouse banner which you can find the whole process here.


I forced Ruth to take that home and keep it forever so that my sweat and tears didn’t go to waste.

My next life lesson was that watermelons, and especially cantaloupe, does not give much of a canvas for cutting out Mouse shapes. So it turned out to be a few mouse shapes and a bunch of mishapen leftover pieces of fruit.



Margaret helped me put together a few Minnie Mouse centerpieces with styrofoam balls, wooden skewers, and confetti. Had some trouble with them wanting to stay upright but nothing hot glue couldn’t fix.


And of course Margaret’s fabulous Disney castle diaper cake.


And then a few other decorations.





We also set up a hair bow making station for the guest to make Charlotte a hair bow. Needless to say Charlotte is well stocked.
Here’s a picture of my cousin Carol and Aunt Val making some bows.


Margaret also put together Baby Jeopardy as one of our games and got everyone thinking with some trivia.


Oh and I almost forgot…

Cody helped make confetti ๐Ÿ˜›

Snapchat-5971036220148522876 [6239]

So if anyone was wondering why some of the Mice were missing their ears now you know, haha.