3 months old!

Kellen is 3 months old today! Not sure how much he weighs (because I broke our scale ?) but he has been growing like crazy! He has almost outgrown 3mo clothes!
He loves gnawing on his fist and he has started grabbing on to toys. He likes to sit and stand but can’t quite sit up on his own yet.

He likes to mimic sounds and will smile at people. He’s also becoming more playful.

Kellen has slept in his bed in his room a couple times and he did pretty good but he’s mostly been sleeping in our room. I’m not quite ready for my baby to be so far away even though Cody is ready ?.

We’ve all fallen into a pretty consistent schedule now. Cody still works nights so I pick him up at around 1am then sometime between 1:30-2:30a Kellen goes to sleep, and besides when he wakes up to eat he stays asleep until roughly 2-3p. I’ve been working mornings here and there so I don’t get much sleep but amazingly I can survive pretty well on 5 hours of sleep.

Lately Kellen has refused to take a bottle or pacifier so I can only work short shifts but today we’re gonna work on different tactics to try to break him of his stubbornness. I bought a new bottle today and even bought a sippy cup because who knows it might just work but Kellen is going to be really mad at me today so it’ll probably be a rough night for both of us.

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