1 month!

Kellen is 1 month old! He has been working on tummy time the last couple of weeks and he’s already pretty good at lifting his head up. He has started smiling a lot! I think he’s finally starting to recognize familiar faces.
He had his 2 week appointment and is right on track. He passed his birth weight which is what he needed to be back to by this appointment. His next appointment is in 2 weeks.
I feel like he is already so big! He is constantly eating (hello cluster feeding) so I’m sure he had a growth spurt. His eyes are starting to lighten so we might be able to see an eye color soon. I initially thought they would be hazel but it’s possible they could be blue.

I finally finished the nursery (just need to put a curtain rod up). The cats seem to think the room is for them. They are constantly hanging out in there.

Katana pretty much stays away from Kellen but Asuna likes to be all up in his business haha. I usually have to push her away because she doesn’t understand she can’t step on him like she steps on me.

We’re starting to get use to our new family situation. Sleep is hard to come by but my house is cleaner than its been all year ?
I have to go back to work in 4 weeks. I was thinking about going back sooner if my doctor okay’s it but just once a week to start off. I’m probably going to cry my whole shift ?‍♀️

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