Week 1! AKA my due date.

I meant to post yesterday but I got a little distracted. Woops.
Yesterday was my due date and also Kellen’s first week. My little boy has been doing great! He had his first doctor’s appointment on Monday with Dr. Shawn Jones. He only lost 4oz of weight which impressed the doctor since I’m a first time breastfeeding mom. Kellen has no issues latching and is eating allllll the time. Our goal is to be back up to birth weight by next Wednesday which I don’t think will be an issue.
We also took Kellen to his first chiropractor appointment yesterday and he did wonderful! You’re probably wondering, “why does a baby need to go to the chiropractor?” Well, our doctor explained to us that when they are coming out of the birth canal the spine can become misaligned due to the twisting and the slight pulling of the doctor so its best to have the baby adjusted after birth to realign the spine. Our doctor put very little pressure on Kellen and he actually seemed to calm down after he was adjusted (he wasn’t happy about being on his back).

Cody and I have been really surprised with Kellen’s development so far. He has pretty good head control for being a newborn and loves to roll onto his side. He finally found his thumb and will occasionally suck on that.
We’ve slowly been getting use to our new schedule. We were pretty sleep deprived up until the last couple of days. We decided to go back to our old routine of staying up until 4am and sleeping all day. This has helped immensely considering Kellen cluster feeds up until about 4ish and then after that he usually sleeps for a few hours at a time. Cody said he definitely feels more rested now that we’ve started that.
Yesterday I took Kellen out shopping with me so we both could get some activity and sunlight. He had his first Target run and we only bought things we actually went to Target for ? plus mommy got some much needed Starbucks finally.
I was hoping to have nursery pictures by now but I’m still working on some decor ? that will have to be my goal for the week.

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