36 weeks! Maternity pictures!

We’re nearing the end! Baby Siems will be here before we know it. He has already been making it clear that he’s preparing his entrance by giving me plenty of braxton hicks.
At my last appointment my doctor checked my progress and I’m at 1cm dilation which she said is pretty normal for how far along I am. I was also tested for GBS (Group B Strep) and the results came back positive ?. I’m pretty irritated about that because I was hoping to be IV-free during labor and that’s a no-go now.
We had an ultrasound but baby was covering his face so it just looks like a blob. He’s weighing in at about 5 pounds which is on the smaller side but momma’s been measuring smaller too so doctor’s not super concerned. He always has a strong heart beat at every appointment and likes to wiggle for the doctor.
I’ve been doing better. My blood pressure has consistently been over 100 for about 2 months now. Still having trouble with protein so I’ve been eating lots of peanut butter and protein shakes.

My wonderful husband was kind enough to take maternity pictures of me ? we did milk bath photos which I recently discovered and if you haven’t heard of them before I highly reccomend looking them up because they are amazing!

Speaking of my wonderful husband: he had some vacation days he needed to use so he starts vacation tomorrow. He plans on painting the baby room and working on other projects around the house and I’m sure just enjoying some solitude in general before the baby arrives ?

This will probably be my last maternity post depending on when baby decides to arrive. I have a feeling he’s going to come sooner than later, but I guess we’ll see.

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