34 weeks!

Baby is the size of a butternut squash! And running out of room! He’s rolling around a lot but having trouble since he’s so big. Next week I’m finally having another ultrasound so I’ll know how big he is and I’ll have some pictures ?
I think it’s finally starting to set in for Cody. He likes to listen to my belly but he won’t talk to my belly because he thinks it’s weird ?
We went to a birth class on Sunday and Cody got to see a lot of birth videos. He’s only slightly traumatized ? we also toured the labor floor and got to see a newborn baby who was sooooo tiny! To think that in about 6 weeks we’ll have our own tiny human.
At my last appointment I was measuring right on track. My doctor had to measure my stomach on the right side instead of down the middle because baby has been favoring the right side so my stomach is lopsided. He finally realized that there’s a left side to my stomach this week.
My blood pressure has been more stable as well. I was sitting at about 90 but now I’ve been more consistently at 100. Hoping I continue to stay over 100.
This last weekend I had a baby shower and everyone predicted baby’s stats. Cody and I are the bottom predictions (we’re not naming him Melvin).

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