31 weeks!

The procrastination is real haha. The weeks just keep flying by!
Baby is the size of asparagus. He likes to move a lot especially when the doctor is trying to get his heartbeat lol. His favorite spot is my ribcage ?
The doctor said I’m measuring just a little small but I’m also a small person to begin with so she’s not concerned yet. I’ve been having a little bit of heartburn and indigestion so baby might be growing some hair. My meat aversion has come back so I’m back to protein shakes, otherwise I’m constantly eating. Donuts are my go to right now ?
I did have the glucose test done and surprisingly I passed. I thought I would for sure have gestational diabetes with all the sugar I eat.
Blood pressure has still been low at my last 3-4 appointments so I’ve been trying really hard to amp up the water/liquids. I found a sparkling water that has hardly any sugar in it and also has biotin so I’ve been trying to drink those to break up the monotony of water.
I still haven’t finished the nursery. The only thing ready is the bed. The nursery use to be my “I don’t want to deal with this stuff right now” room so it’s been really hard cleaning it out and deciding where to put everything.
My next appointment is July 2nd and I’m really hoping we’ll get an ultrasound because we haven’t had one since we found out the gender ☹

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