3 months old!

Kellen is 3 months old today! Not sure how much he weighs (because I broke our scale ?) but he has been growing like crazy! He has almost outgrown 3mo clothes!
He loves gnawing on his fist and he has started grabbing on to toys. He likes to sit and stand but can’t quite sit up on his own yet.

He likes to mimic sounds and will smile at people. He’s also becoming more playful.

Kellen has slept in his bed in his room a couple times and he did pretty good but he’s mostly been sleeping in our room. I’m not quite ready for my baby to be so far away even though Cody is ready ?.

We’ve all fallen into a pretty consistent schedule now. Cody still works nights so I pick him up at around 1am then sometime between 1:30-2:30a Kellen goes to sleep, and besides when he wakes up to eat he stays asleep until roughly 2-3p. I’ve been working mornings here and there so I don’t get much sleep but amazingly I can survive pretty well on 5 hours of sleep.

Lately Kellen has refused to take a bottle or pacifier so I can only work short shifts but today we’re gonna work on different tactics to try to break him of his stubbornness. I bought a new bottle today and even bought a sippy cup because who knows it might just work but Kellen is going to be really mad at me today so it’ll probably be a rough night for both of us.

1 month!

Kellen is 1 month old! He has been working on tummy time the last couple of weeks and he’s already pretty good at lifting his head up. He has started smiling a lot! I think he’s finally starting to recognize familiar faces.
He had his 2 week appointment and is right on track. He passed his birth weight which is what he needed to be back to by this appointment. His next appointment is in 2 weeks.
I feel like he is already so big! He is constantly eating (hello cluster feeding) so I’m sure he had a growth spurt. His eyes are starting to lighten so we might be able to see an eye color soon. I initially thought they would be hazel but it’s possible they could be blue.

I finally finished the nursery (just need to put a curtain rod up). The cats seem to think the room is for them. They are constantly hanging out in there.

Katana pretty much stays away from Kellen but Asuna likes to be all up in his business haha. I usually have to push her away because she doesn’t understand she can’t step on him like she steps on me.

We’re starting to get use to our new family situation. Sleep is hard to come by but my house is cleaner than its been all year ?
I have to go back to work in 4 weeks. I was thinking about going back sooner if my doctor okay’s it but just once a week to start off. I’m probably going to cry my whole shift ?‍♀️

Week 1! AKA my due date.

I meant to post yesterday but I got a little distracted. Woops.
Yesterday was my due date and also Kellen’s first week. My little boy has been doing great! He had his first doctor’s appointment on Monday with Dr. Shawn Jones. He only lost 4oz of weight which impressed the doctor since I’m a first time breastfeeding mom. Kellen has no issues latching and is eating allllll the time. Our goal is to be back up to birth weight by next Wednesday which I don’t think will be an issue.
We also took Kellen to his first chiropractor appointment yesterday and he did wonderful! You’re probably wondering, “why does a baby need to go to the chiropractor?” Well, our doctor explained to us that when they are coming out of the birth canal the spine can become misaligned due to the twisting and the slight pulling of the doctor so its best to have the baby adjusted after birth to realign the spine. Our doctor put very little pressure on Kellen and he actually seemed to calm down after he was adjusted (he wasn’t happy about being on his back).

Cody and I have been really surprised with Kellen’s development so far. He has pretty good head control for being a newborn and loves to roll onto his side. He finally found his thumb and will occasionally suck on that.
We’ve slowly been getting use to our new schedule. We were pretty sleep deprived up until the last couple of days. We decided to go back to our old routine of staying up until 4am and sleeping all day. This has helped immensely considering Kellen cluster feeds up until about 4ish and then after that he usually sleeps for a few hours at a time. Cody said he definitely feels more rested now that we’ve started that.
Yesterday I took Kellen out shopping with me so we both could get some activity and sunlight. He had his first Target run and we only bought things we actually went to Target for ? plus mommy got some much needed Starbucks finally.
I was hoping to have nursery pictures by now but I’m still working on some decor ? that will have to be my goal for the week.

Week 39! He’s here!

Kellen Clay Siems was born at 8:08 this morning! He weighed 7 pounds and 5 ounces and was 20 inches long.
It’s been a long 24 hours. Yesterday I started having contractions at around 4pm but figured it was just fake contractions again so I continued my shopping at Hobby Lobby ?. When I got to Kohl’s I was feeling pretty crappy so I decided to just go home and take it easy. At around 7ish my contractions had stopped for a full hour and then around 8pm I was getting contractions every 5-7 minutes. I called the hospital and asked if I should start thinking about coming in but since it was my first pregnancy they told me it was up to me. Around 11pm my contractions were every 3 minutes so I went to pick up Cody from work and we went to the hospital. I was only dilated to 2cm and after a couple hours of observation they sent me home. 30 minutes after we got home my contractions were unbearable and I was pretty sure my water broke so we went back. I was checked again, and definitely lost my water at that point, and I was dilated to 6cm. At about 5am I started getting the urge to push and was pushing for 2 1/2 hours before my doctor showed up and really got me into gear. She had Kellen out within 30 minutes and thank goodness because I was exhausted and ready to throw in the towel. I didn’t have an epidural and I only got half a dose of fentanyl before the pushing started. I don’t know how I did it but somehow I pushed through.
Since I was GBS positive they’ve been monitoring Kellen every 4 hours but he’s been perfect with no issues. Everyone is healthy and slowly recovering from pulling an all nighter. I think out of everyone, Cody is scarred the most ?. He watched everything including Kellen emerging and he said he’ll never be the same.
My doctor said I’ll probably be good to go tomorrow but they’ll more than likely want to keep Kellen until Friday to monitor any possible GBS symptoms.

36 weeks! Maternity pictures!

We’re nearing the end! Baby Siems will be here before we know it. He has already been making it clear that he’s preparing his entrance by giving me plenty of braxton hicks.
At my last appointment my doctor checked my progress and I’m at 1cm dilation which she said is pretty normal for how far along I am. I was also tested for GBS (Group B Strep) and the results came back positive ?. I’m pretty irritated about that because I was hoping to be IV-free during labor and that’s a no-go now.
We had an ultrasound but baby was covering his face so it just looks like a blob. He’s weighing in at about 5 pounds which is on the smaller side but momma’s been measuring smaller too so doctor’s not super concerned. He always has a strong heart beat at every appointment and likes to wiggle for the doctor.
I’ve been doing better. My blood pressure has consistently been over 100 for about 2 months now. Still having trouble with protein so I’ve been eating lots of peanut butter and protein shakes.

My wonderful husband was kind enough to take maternity pictures of me ? we did milk bath photos which I recently discovered and if you haven’t heard of them before I highly reccomend looking them up because they are amazing!

Speaking of my wonderful husband: he had some vacation days he needed to use so he starts vacation tomorrow. He plans on painting the baby room and working on other projects around the house and I’m sure just enjoying some solitude in general before the baby arrives ?

This will probably be my last maternity post depending on when baby decides to arrive. I have a feeling he’s going to come sooner than later, but I guess we’ll see.

34 weeks!

Baby is the size of a butternut squash! And running out of room! He’s rolling around a lot but having trouble since he’s so big. Next week I’m finally having another ultrasound so I’ll know how big he is and I’ll have some pictures ?
I think it’s finally starting to set in for Cody. He likes to listen to my belly but he won’t talk to my belly because he thinks it’s weird ?
We went to a birth class on Sunday and Cody got to see a lot of birth videos. He’s only slightly traumatized ? we also toured the labor floor and got to see a newborn baby who was sooooo tiny! To think that in about 6 weeks we’ll have our own tiny human.
At my last appointment I was measuring right on track. My doctor had to measure my stomach on the right side instead of down the middle because baby has been favoring the right side so my stomach is lopsided. He finally realized that there’s a left side to my stomach this week.
My blood pressure has been more stable as well. I was sitting at about 90 but now I’ve been more consistently at 100. Hoping I continue to stay over 100.
This last weekend I had a baby shower and everyone predicted baby’s stats. Cody and I are the bottom predictions (we’re not naming him Melvin).

31 weeks!

The procrastination is real haha. The weeks just keep flying by!
Baby is the size of asparagus. He likes to move a lot especially when the doctor is trying to get his heartbeat lol. His favorite spot is my ribcage ?
The doctor said I’m measuring just a little small but I’m also a small person to begin with so she’s not concerned yet. I’ve been having a little bit of heartburn and indigestion so baby might be growing some hair. My meat aversion has come back so I’m back to protein shakes, otherwise I’m constantly eating. Donuts are my go to right now ?
I did have the glucose test done and surprisingly I passed. I thought I would for sure have gestational diabetes with all the sugar I eat.
Blood pressure has still been low at my last 3-4 appointments so I’ve been trying really hard to amp up the water/liquids. I found a sparkling water that has hardly any sugar in it and also has biotin so I’ve been trying to drink those to break up the monotony of water.
I still haven’t finished the nursery. The only thing ready is the bed. The nursery use to be my “I don’t want to deal with this stuff right now” room so it’s been really hard cleaning it out and deciding where to put everything.
My next appointment is July 2nd and I’m really hoping we’ll get an ultrasound because we haven’t had one since we found out the gender ☹

Week 24!

I kept forgetting to post. Sorry for the delay!
Baby is the size of a cantaloupe. I finally started gaining weight now that I can eat meat and eat in general. Baby has been moving non stop! Cody was able to feel him a few times but most of the time he stops kicking once a hand goes on my belly.
Not a whole lot going on otherwise. ?

Week 16!

I can’t believe it’s been four months! I feel like the second trimester is just going to fly by. Baby is the size of an avocado now!
I started cleaning up the baby room. It was kind of our junk room where we just threw things we didn’t want to deal with lol. I’ve thrown away probably 3 bags of trash so far. Once I get it cleaned up we’re gonna paint it because it’s an ugly brown with yellow spots showing through because the previous owner didn’t paint very well. I’m gonna do gray to keep it gender neutral and keep the house somewhat neutral since we have a lot of bright colored rooms already.
Ruth, my mom, and I went to Reruns R Fun (like a big yard sale) on Monday and bought some stuff for the baby. I found a cute little pregnancy journal that is giraffe themed for $4 and it was brand new!
Tonight after work, Cody and I went to the grocery store and bought a ton of fruit, spinach, and kale. I put together a few bags of mixed up fruit and veggies together and put them in the freezer for smoothies. I also bought chia seeds to put in the smoothies because it has a pretty good source of protein. I’m still having my aversion to meat, except ground beef and sometimes grilled chicken, so I’m trying to get as many sources of protein as possible. Also, added in iron to try and help with my dizzy spells. Both my sisters said they had slight anemia during their pregnancies so they suggested iron (and more protein of course). Luckily my manager hasn’t scheduled me anymore mornings so I shouldn’t really have any issues with the dizzy spells.
I have felt baby moving a few times but its been pretty quiet the last week. I told one of my coworkers I had felt the baby move and she asked if she could feel it and I just laughed. I explained to her it wasn’t something she could feel from the outside since baby was the size of an orange still.
My belly finally seems like it’s gaining a bump. The last couple of months it seemed like I’d only have a belly when I ate bread so any time someone said “oh you’re finally getting a bump!” I’d respond, “nope just a big lunch/bread… it’ll be gone in a few hours”. Now it sticks out regardless, which I’d never thought I’d be happy about that 😛

P.S. I added my first ultrasound to my first post.

Week 14!

Baby is the size of a peach. I haven’t really noticed much of a bump yet ☹

I went to the doctor on Friday and mentioned my aversion to meat and she said it was totally normal as long as I am eating nuts and dairy. Luckily milk and peanut butter are two things I can eat every day without getting sick of it.
We didn’t get an ultrasound but we did get to hear baby’s heart on the Doppler and it’s nice and strong!

Nausea is pretty much gone except when I’m in the car, but now I’ve been getting dizzy spells especially in the morning. I’ve been drinking more Gatorade which seems to help with the dizziness.

Cody and I decided to be healthy and start going to the chiropractor. We both suffer from back pain so I finally made the call when I saw an ad on facebook for Mouw chiropractic. We got our first adjustments today so we’re feeling a little sore. Our Doctor got a kick out of the fact that Cody and I are out of line on opposite sides (his left leg is short and my right leg is short, and our pelvises are rotated opposite directions of each other) he said “well you know opposites attract”. I was really happy to hear that the chiropractor can help labor go quickly as well.